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hi, i'm richard

dc general assembly web development immersive graduate.
patron software toddler. wino. corgi-enthusiast.

oh hey, i'm richard

to start off strong, i’m going to preface this blog (i guess you could call it a blog) with saying i’ve never done this before. that answer holds several kg of figurative weight (gotta use metric), but what i’m getting at specifically is i’ve never written my thoughts, experiences, opinions, etc. down to broadcast them judgment. i welcome all the responses and you can get at me here. i’ll gladly send them to my spam box :smiley: jk (kinda).

now with that said, for those of you who do not know me:

i’m richard and i’m from florida (i know, i know), but have had my roots in washington, dc for the past 3 years. even after only being in dc for a very short period of time i consider it home and from now on if i ever mention ‘home’ i’m referring to dc.

richard being richard in miami

i am a software engineer/web developer and had been working with the wonderful nerds over at weddingwire until very recently when i decided to make a drastic change and get rid of 90% of my belongings and travel the world while working remotely… for a year. the organization which i’m traveling with is called remote year and if you’re interested in following along with me you can checkout my itinerary and of course all my social medias.

i will still be developing software and currently have my hands in several cookie pots while working with patron as a back-end rails developer in addition to several freelancing gigs - if you need a developer let me know… but that’s not what really interests you, that is if anyone is actually reading this, it’s the traveling, right?! of course it is, so bear with me while i bore you with the details of how i’m planning on using this bad-boy:

  • first and foremost its a way for my mother to follow me around the world and know i’m not dead;
  • documenting my trip with details of the cities i stay in, the peripheral trips i make, and my experiences integrating with local cultures;
  • spewing massive amounts of pictures from everywhere i go so that my social media friends (i swear i have some real ones too) don’t get too angry about the spam;
  • as an outlet for my opinions on all things pertaining to tech, food, music, and wine (get ready randy)

so lets sum up a bit. i’m going to be talking a lot about food, wine, nerdy things, traveling, comparisons between wherever i am at the time and the us, people i meet, and my serious struggle with learning not to say soy embarazada when trying to say “i’m embarrassed” in spanish :flushed:… i may sprinkle some other topics in here-and-there, but we’ll let time tell… chances that i forget/neglect this bad boy, save the gallery, are pretty high so you’ll be spared my rambling. but i’ll give it the old college try until then.

follow me and stuff, if ya want.


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