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hi, i'm richard

dc general assembly web development immersive graduate.
patron software toddler. wino. corgi-enthusiast.

  1. week one in bolivia: never trust a fart

    ok, so here’s my obligatory apology to anyone who thought i was actually going to write at a consistent rate. i find myself choosing anything else over writing and i’m not really sorry about it, but i’ll say i am. …

  2. no day like bidet

    now that you know the very basics about me i can do a mini dive into what the first week of being plopped into a country that seems to be stuck somewhere between 1965 and 2001 (read: platform shoes are the style here) is like. i’ve been able to take in the city a bit after 8 days and a few things i believe are worth discussing. i’ll start with one of my favs: fernet. …

  3. oh hey, i'm richard

    to start off strong, i’m going to preface this blog (i guess you could call it a blog) with saying i’ve never done this before. that answer holds several kg of figurative weight (gotta use metric), but what i’m getting at specifically is i’ve never written my thoughts, experiences, opinions, etc. down to broadcast them judgment. i welcome all the responses and you can get at me here. i’ll gladly send them to my spam box :smiley: jk (kinda). …